How to draw a horse

We looked at how to draw a horse easily on the first page of this article. Here, we bring you a selection of additional tutorials that will help you fine-tune different aspects, covering everything from how to draw a horse's head to tips for sketching manes, horses in motion and more. 

If you're looking to draw better horses, these resources will have you covered...

01. How to draw a horse: Body

If you’re struggling with drawing the body of horse, try this great eight-minute tutorial from Art a la Carte. She breaks down the basic shapes you need, focusing on muscle areas to show you how to draw a horse that looks in proportion and realistic.

02. How to draw a horse: Using simple shapes

Tom McPherson is the man behind Circle Line Art School. In this video tutorial, he walks through how to draw a horse, starting with circles and connecting lines. Beginning the process with simple shapes provides a new way of breaking down the horse's anatomy, and makes easier to build the initial framework if you're struggling to understand the skeleton. 

03. How to draw a horse: Basic tips

This is a screen-capture video with no narration, but it does provide a useful glimpse into how to draw a horse. At intervals, written steps appear on the screen, explaining what the next section of video will cover. It isn’t perfect, but you will pick up some useful tips here.

04. How to draw a horse's head

Artist Gabriel Tora shows you how she draws a horse’s head in this short time-lapse video. It isn’t a tutorial and there’s no narrative, but at less than four minutes long, this video provides a stunning insight into the process involved. 

05. How to draw a horse galloping

This excellent nine-minute tutorial from Art a La Cart - aka Valerie Flynn - provides a step-by-step lesson on how to draw a horse. The first minute takes a look at some useful resources; the tutorial then starts, with Flynn explaining how to build up basic shapes and then add darker outlines to create a powerful galloping horse. 

06. Fine art tips for drawing horses

If you can get past the slightly sketchy intro here (it only lasts for the first 20 seconds), then this video tutorial is packed with interesting tips for drawing better horses. The shading insight, too, is particularly valuable. At just five minutes long, it’s worth a watch.  

07. How to draw a horse: shading tips

This short tutorial features static images and written steps - it’s a slightly odd way to organise a YouTube video, but the written tips are packed with handy, pro tips and techniques for drawing horses. Definitely worth a quick watch.

08. How to draw a horse in Photoshop

09. How to draw a horse's mane in Photoshop

This soundless video walkthrough from Jessica Schmitz opens up the process of drawing excellent manes in Photoshop. It’s a little quick if you watch it at normal speed, but just hit Settings > Speed to slow it down. She’s using Photoshop CS5, but the techniques here work in any digital drawing app.

10. How to draw a cartoon horse 

Aimed at kids, this 10-minute tutorial covers how to draw a cartoon horse in a particularly easy-to-follow way. The video breaks the process down into super simple steps – showing both an adult and child drawing on the screen. Great stuff.

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