Create crazy vibrating sketches with Sktch

It's easy to use - just drag your mouse and start sketching

Remember those old-style cartoons where hand-drawn lines appeared to vibrate because of differences between frames? Well this HTML5 experiment recreates just that.

Browser-based tool Sktch lets you draw on-screen sketches that then take on a life of their own.

It even adds a third dimension to your creations by allowing you to rotate the canvas (hold down Space and then press and drag horizontally with your cursor).

You can rotate your vibrating sketch in three dimensions

Use the buttons at the top to increase the level of vibration, change continuous lines to dashed ones, and share what you've created on Facebook. Note that you'll need to be using Google's Chrome browser for it to work.

Sktch is the creation of Swedish web designer Hakim el Hattab, who works primarily with interactivity, graphics and animation. For more Hattab fun, check out this brilliantly entertaining animated 404 page he created for our sister publication, .net magazine.

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