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Art director reveals the bad-taste monsters inside his brain

Madrid-based art director, illustrator and self-dubbed 'crazy man' Juan Carlos Paz Gómez - aka Bakea - began his ongoing series of surreal monster characters back in 2010 in an attempt to document the local fauna inside his own head.

"I love to recreate everyday situations that are far from morally accepted," he confesses. "Human situations that when you see them with animals, are not so outrageous."

It began with a creature called CacaFrutti and its "jet of coloured poop" - still a favourite of Gómez's - and spiralled from there.

A more recent piece, entitled Kids, features a baby monster urinating in its own mouth, while Conception depicts copulating stag-like beasts with triangular faces. It's even available as an animated gif.

This article originally appeared in Computer Arts issue 219

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