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Bottoms up! Meet the beermat characters

inky goodness beermat characters

Over 80 artists have contributed to the beermat character project

Inkygoodness are renowned for supporting new and emerging talent. They give new designers and illustrators a platform to showcase their work alongside more established artists, offering a unique opportunity to develop professional careers through self-promotion and networking. That's the kind of thing we like here at Creative Bloq.

Here, we witness the delights of their latest project. Beermat characters asked artists to get creative with a simple beermat and we have to say, the results are fantastic. Along with emerging illustrators, the likes of TADO and Hattie Stewart also contributed to the project.

From April 30 until May 4, Inkygoodness will be exhibiting the entries at The Coningsby Gallery in London. They'll also be joined by Ammo Magazine's exhibition 'Poop Deck' - taking inspiration from maritime characters, the project will see illustrated playing cards by 54 international artists and illustrators.

inky goodness beermat characters

inky goodness beermat characters

inky goodness beermat characters

For more information, head to this Inkygoodness blog post.

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What beermat character would you create? Let us know in the comments box below!