Pixel art: 30 great examples

21. Mario Sifuentes

Mario Sifuentes uses pixel art to create his own interpretation of a pre-hispanic God

Mario Sifuentes uses pixel art to create his own interpretation of a pre-hispanic God

Mexican designer Mario Sifuentes created this interesting and beautiful interpretation of a pre-hispanic God. The piece was inspired by the style of '90s visual video games and is based on the combination of pixels and simple colour.

22. Eboy

Pixel art

Introducing the godfather of pixel art: Eboy

Some of the most well-known creators of pixel art are Kai Vermehr, Steffen Sauerteig and Svend Smital, aka Eboy. Eboy creates reusable pixel objects and uses them to build complex artwork. Famous for illustration, web design, fonts, and toys, Eboy has created work for many leading brands, including Adidas, Nike, Pespi and Renault.

23. Paul Robertson

Pixel art

Paul Robertson is a pixel art master

Australian artist Paul Robertson is a pixel art master. His intricate illustrations include everything from family friendly pieces to some which are really NSFW. Even if you're not familiar with the name, you might recognise his work; he was the lead artist on the 2010 Scott Pilgrim videogame and worked on the American animated TV series Gravity Falls.

24. Army of Trolls

Pixel art

Gary Lucken's pixel art is inspired by videogames and more

Army of Trolls is the portfolio of London-born videogame enthusiast and artist Gary J Lucken. Based in Bournemouth, UK, Lucken works from home, surrounded by Japanese toys and piles of old 2D videogames to inspire him. The artwork this talented artist is directly influenced by his love of videogames, toys and pop culture.

25. Rod Hunt

Pixel art

Rod Hunt creates highly detailed pixel art landscapes

Award-winning London-based artist Rod Hunt has built a reputation for detailed character-filled landscapes for everything from book covers and advertising campaigns to iPhone apps and art installations. Hunt is also the illustrator behind the bestselling Where's Stig? books, created for the BBC's TV show Top Gear.

26. Sven Ruthner

Pixel art

Sven Ruthner is a top pixel artist to be inspired by

Freelance pixel artist Sven Ruthner has received international appreciation for his pixel artwork. Based in Germany, Ruthner uses limited colour palettes when developing his work, similar to the offerings of early home computers, such the ZX Spectrum. This particular piece, titled CGA Faces, was created using just 16 colours.

27. Fool

Pixel art

Fool's artwork is highly intricate

The pixel artist known as Fool in the community was originally born in Moscow and is currently residing in Ohio. A self-taught artist, Fool is known for his highly intricate pixel art creations. 

28. Tim Wesoly

Pixel art

Tim Wesoly's pixel art Robinson Nerdo character

Tim Wesoly is the lead developer of 3D pixel art modeller Qubicle. When not working on his software, he spends time using it to create awesome pixel art, such as this cool Robinson Nerdo character. The illustration is deceptively complex – you'll find yourself noticing new things each time you look at this piece.

29. Denise Wilton

Pixel art

Pixel artist Denise Wilton has attracted many clients with her detailed style

Currently vice president of brand and creative at Workable, artist Denise Wilton has many skills, one of them being the creation of pixel art. Her talent has attracted the attention of many big clients during her career, including The Financial Times, the BBC, Lynx and Nokia.

30. Simon Anderson

Pixel art

Simon Anderson is known for his pixel art-style work

Simon Anderson, aka Snake, is a Norwegian game developer and artist by trade. The co-founder of D-Pad Studio, Anderson's fascination with tiny squares began at a young age, when he began drawing pictures and figures using his mum's cross stitch and knitting grid pattern designs.

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