25 cool illustrated posters being given away!

You all know the festive song '12 days of Christmas', right? Well, designer and illustrator James Oconnell is taking this concept one step further this December by giving his true love not 12 but 25 gifts. And when we say true love, we mean his Twitter followers, obviously.

For the next 25 days, starting tomorrow, Oconnell will give away one of his exclusive poster designs to a lucky winner. So, if you fancy an early Xmas treat, simply follow (if you don't already) the designer on Twitter - @Jamesp0p - and you’ll automatically be entered into the draw.

"The #25DaysOfGiving project came about as a way for me to give back to the Twitter community, which has helped me in times of need and allowed me to meet some fantastic people," Oconnell explains.

The #25DaysOfGiving project came about as a way for me to give back to the Twitter community

"I wanted to do something different this year, so instead of giving my 2000th follower a prize, I thought about ways of randomly giving a prize to people who follow me, be it the 1st, 100th, etc, both locally and internationally. And with it being the holiday season, a giveaway a day seemed like a really fun idea to pursue.

"Each of the posters on offer are illustrations that I've completed within the last five years of my career, ranging from Harry Potter Wand Gestures through to my colourful Darth Vader mask."

You could be the lucky owner of this brilliant Darth Vader illustration by simply following James Oconnell on Twitter

You can see full details, including the different poster designs and details of winners on the brilliant 25 Days of Giving website.

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