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Removies is a new blog that showcases brilliantly designed and entertaining movie posters with a twist.

By removing just one word from some popular film titles, an entirely new series of humorous designs has been created. The concept was thought up by artist Austin Richards and copywriter Des Creedon; Richards providing all the pretty pictures and Creedon the pretty words.

Tongue in cheek

"The idea came about following the meme on the internet of taking one letter out of a film title," says Richards. "We thought it would be nice to do a series of film posters around this and the idea that one letter would really effect the plot of a film. Always searching for the humourous match.

"When it came to choosing the films, the hardest part was not actually finding a film that makes sense when you remove a letter, but rather finding a film that has a funny new plot when that letter is removed. Harry Otter is a good example of this.

The hardest part was finding a film that has a funny new plot when a letter is removed

"We enforced the rule that each plot must stay true to the original film - plus when removing a letter, it was only to pull the plot in a different tangent as opposed to creating a whole new one.

"Despite there being eight Harry Potter films, not many of them made sense when it came to featuring an Otter in the new plot. (Who knew?!?) This actually became the greatest challenge and therein lay the most fun.

We wonder if it would have taken Harry Otter eight movies to kill Lord Voldemort?

"The general idea of 'the potential a movie poster has' actually inspires me. Having seen a couple of gems this year, in particular Cabin in the Woods, I started to make a few of my own when I got the chance. I like it when a movie poster draws you in to the potential of the movie as opposed to using the actors faces as the tool to interest the viewer.

I like it when a movie poster draws you in to the potential of the movie

"I find this happens more with lower budget film festival posters, for obvious reasons, and came across some really great posters like 'Chasing Ice' this year or 'Bear' from a few years back. I also think the work of Olly Moss over the last few years has been of the highest standard and would certainly list that amongst the inspiration for wanting to design movie posters in the first place...

By removing just one letter, classic movie Jurassic Park is taken to a whole new level...

"Having got such a great response from it all, we are planning on doing a few more now. We are also now looking into selling them on as prints as we have received so many requests to purchase them. But more to follow on that very shortly..."

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