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Thirst among equals: the art of cultural cocktails

If, like us, you're huge movie fans and enjoy the odd tipple, then you'll love this cool print 'The Cocktail Chart of Film & Literature' from New York-based company Pop Chart Lab.

Featuring some of pop culture’s most memorable fictional characters, the infographic depicts the name and ingredients of their signature drinks. Each of the 49 cocktails listed are linked to a film or literary character, including Carrie Bradshaw's Cosmpolitan in Sex and the City, Sugar Kane's Manhattan in Some Like it Hot and Daisy Buchanan's Mint Julep in The Great Gatsby.

So, not only will this brilliant print look cool hanging on your wall, it also provides nearly 50 cocktail recipes for your next party. Cool huh?

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What do you think of this cocktail infographic? Did your favourite character make the list? Let us know in the comments below...