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Cool scrolling effect highlights compensation culture

Whether medical services are provided privately or publically, the issue of huge compensation payments is a growing concern for health organisations across the globe. And this online infographic highlights the problem using an eye-raising scrolling technique.

As you scroll down the page, you follow a hospital porter pushing a trolley through sections of a corridor. Each section represents a different year in the history of Britain's National Health Service, and a pop-up balloon shows details of the biggest compensation payout of that year. It's a simple device, but perfectly executed and an engaging way to convey a lot of information on a dry, albeit important, subject.

"The pieces were built using some the latest techniques in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript," explains Stickyeyes, the agency who created the infographic for Express Solicitors. "As animation was a key factor in this, we primarily used the Skrollr animation library for all of the motion effects. Each of the elements was manually illustrated, then we hijacked the scroll function in order to create the parallax faux-scrolling feature. This was then supported by further CSS3 animations for the finishing touches."

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