Epic infographic charts 200+ superpowers

Click the image to see the full-size infographic on the Pop Chart website

If you could have a superpower, which one would you choose? The ability to fly? Super-human strength? X-ray vision? Wait! Before you make such an important decision, check out this epic infographic that references more than 200 hundred superpowers and 600 hundred comic characters that possess them.

This is the third iteration of Pop Chart's popular superpower infographic, the material sourced from the last 75 years of comic books and broken down into seven main skills sets; powers of the mind, animal powers, mastery, powers of the body, force control, object manipulation and weapons-based.

This vibrant design is seriously impressive, the sprawling taxonomy of over 200 superpowers and 600 superheroes and villains spreading over six square feet. We're also loving the final rendered vintage-style design, which pays tribute to the great cosmic covers of the Bronze Age of Comics.

To see a detailed version of the Superpowers infographic, or to purchase it as a print, visit the Pop Chart website.

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