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Famous cities get their own fonts

The team at Movoto aren't your average group of real estate agents. Not only are they fascinated by typography, they also have a sense of humour!

The team's latest creation is this brilliant What Font is Your City infographic, in which they match 10 US cities with their font equivalents. New York, Phoenix, Memphis, Philadelphia and Chicago are among the cities featured, each accompanied by its own font and the name of the designer behind it.

Team effort

The Movoto staff picked their favourite cities from across the US and came up with several adjectives to best describe them. They then scoured the internet for various fonts, which, in their opinion, represented the adjectives. However, knowing that typography is dear to many people's hearts, the Movoto team also asked the advice of professional designers in each city.

We think they've done a brilliant job at matching fonts to each city, with New York and Chicago being particular favourites of ours. What do you think?

The team are still working on the project, so if you feel up to the challenge, pick a city and let them know what font you think best fits it. They comment online: "We’re still racking our brains to figure out what city would get the honor (dishonor?) of Comic Sans."

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Do you think these fonts match the cities? Let us know in the comments below...

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