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Keep your design secrets safe with this fingerprint-protected notebook

Notebooks are used by creatives of all stripes to record ideas and scribble down doodle art. However, their pages can also be a hotbed of secrets; a place where people can jot down confidential thoughts and concepts that they don't want others to see. To keep information safe without sacrificing style, Lockbook has launched the first writing notebook with a biometric sensor.

Rather than relying on an easily forgettable password or key, the Lockbook sensor relies on a piece of ID you've always got about your person: your fingerprint. And seeing as everyone has unique fingerprints, there's no need to worry about people breaking into your notebook and stealing your ideas.

Capable of recognising your fingerprint and unlocking in a single second, the sensor has 508 DPI resolution. When the Lockbook is closed and sealed, nobody except you will be able to get it open.

Inside the Lockbook, users will find a modular personal organiser setup that can be adapted to suit various needs. It's a nice touch that a notebook that relies on individuality to open runs with this theme all the way through its pages. And thanks to inserts, dividers, pockets and a ring binder, there's plenty of room for variation and personalisation.

Watch the Lockbook in action below, and be sure to sponsor its creators on Indiegogo to grab one for the early bird price of just $39.

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Dom Carter
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