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Video exclusive: How to break the rules on Instagram

Instagram has been around for a while now, but recently – since the launch of Instagram Stories, in particular – the medium has really taken off as a way for freelance creatives and brands to supplement their design portfolio and build their audience. Designers everywhere are getting experimental with their feed, and new uses are being discovered almost daily – for more on this, see our designer's guide to Instagram Stories or take a look at our article on how to make money on Instagram as a creative.

One creative whose Instagram account has attracted global media attention is Pablo Rochat, an art director and designer, and former director of Creative Lab at Tinder. At the recent D&AD Festival, Rochat's Lo-Fi High-Fun talk explored how to create playful and humorous social content, and how he uses Instagram to generate positive attention for brands and raise a smile in his followers. 

In this exclusive interview filmed at the festival, Instagram creative lead Kay Hsu asks Rochat about his creative process, from his limitless quest to create for new formats to how he works within the constraints of each platform.

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