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Watch this calligrapher create perfect script with just a Crayola pen

They say only bad workers blame their tools, and if this video from calligrapher Ian Barnard is anything to go by that's certainly the case. 

In a short video posted on his Twitter feed, you can see the lettering artist creating the kind of beautiful calligraphy that wouldn't look out of place on a fancy coffee shop sandwich board, armed with just a children's Crayola felt-tip pen.

If you're struggling to justify your artistic shortcomings by pinning the blame on your shoddy equipment, prepare to feel inadequate...

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Yes, it appears that practice really does make perfect. And if this video has inspired you to ditch calligraphy fonts and have a go at hand-drawn lettering yourself, you're in luck! Ian has guideline brushes you can download for free on his site. Check them out in the video below.

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