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Behind the scenes of Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7

Since the first Harry Potter book was released back in 1997, the adventures of the young wizard and his friends have hit every corner of the globe, including the world of gaming. The Lego Harry Potter videogame is a popular title and when the second installment in the was released, it was accompanied by some amazing artwork.

Digital artist Albert Co worked on the project, creating over 20 compositions for magazine covers, key art and promotional print ads. And he's generously shared the amazing concept created in order to reach the stunning final renders.

It's difficult not to be in awe of Co's artistic talent. You can see his precise, initial compositions have barely changed in the final renders and his 3D recreation of Hogwarts is nothing short of utter brilliance. We all know the name J.K Rowling but it's always great to learn how and recognise the talented artists, like Co, that have so expertly brought her magical world to life.

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