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Colour takes centre stage in this brilliant motion project

This mirage of eye-popping colour and collage-inspired animations is a tribute to the history of skateboarding, based on the informative article by Steve Cave. Created by Brazilian animator Antonio Vicentini, the artist wanted to make something aesthetically interesting yet funny.

With art direction from David Galasse, Vicentini worked on a PC with an old Wacom tablet using Photoshop, After Effects, Flash and Cinema 4D. "It was hard to maintain the same level of craziness and still send a message when you don’t have visual limits," Vicentini says. "It's a bunch of insane and beautiful pieces making love together."

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Even if skateboarding isn't your thing, there's no denying the creativity that has gone into highlighting its importance in our culture today. You might want to put some sunnies on for the watch – it's a certainly a bright and bold project!

This showcase first appeared inside Computer Arts 239, a stunning collector's item celebrating print and digital – on sale now.

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