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Responsive site blends advanced technology and artisan craft

Anyone familiar with the best iPad apps for designers will know about Paper, and from the team behind that comes Pencil, a new stylus designed specifically for use with Paper. The product is described as a blend of advanced technology and artisan craft, which is just like its website.

Built by Fifty Three using the trusty old web stack of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, the responsive Pencil site brings the product to life with bold imagery, slick animations and perfectly-crafted copy. HTML5 elements are used throughout as is CSS3 animation and properties, plus web fonts.

As you scroll, the stylus opens to reveal its inner workings, from the Bluetooth chip, to the battery and 14kt gold-plated sensors in its tip giving the user the feeling that they're purchasing something special. Further down, you receive a full 360-degree view of the product that moves with you as you scroll.

Lastly, the site is a great example of responsive web design, and although some of the interactive elements aren't seen on mobile, it doesn't detract from the experience or the desire to purchase.

Words: Rich Clark

This article originally appeared in net magazine issue 251.