'Psychic waves' new trend for 2023, predicts Adobe

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(Image credit: Adobe)

Adobe has released its 2023 Creative Trends report, which covers four of the trends the company thinks are set to grow, or are already growing, this year. We'll admit to being a sucker for a list of design trends, although their accuracy tends to vary wildly, so we couldn't wait to see which trends were highlighted. 

At the end of last year, we covered a report on creative trends from Depositphotos. Trends included 'back to the wild', a new focus on wanderlust post-pandemic, and 'a blast of joy', which we were a little unsure counted as a 'trend'. How do Adobe's predictions compare? Let's take a look:

01. Psychic Waves 

Adobe Creative Trends 2023

(Image credit: Adobe)

We love the name of this trend. It's so... unexpected, yet exactly the kind of trend we expect to find in this sort of report. Psychic waves is all about how a move towards good mental health and wellness has led people to look at new ways of exploring spirituality, nature and wellness. Expect shape-shifting forms, surreal illustration, a focus on astrology and a move towards what the pursuit of wellbeing feels like.

02. Real is Radical 

Adobe Creative Trends 2023

(Image credit: Adobe)

Real is Radical is all about the demand for real, authentic and diverse experiences. "Brands are embracing campaigns featuring all races, genders, ages, abilities and sizes – swapping out curated for candid moments," says the report.

03. Animals and Influencers

Adobe Creative Trends 2023

(Image credit: Adobe)

This seems like another slightly ridiculous name for a trend, but that's right, animals and influencers, or even animal influencers are on trend. How will this play out? Adobe says that charismatic creatures are clearly attracting and retaining attention, and as a result, they have become a "dominating presence in brand messaging, proliferating across sectors in the form of anime, illustrations, photography and 3D renders."

04. Retro Active

Adobe Creative Trends 2023

(Image credit: Adobe)

The '90s and Y2K trend hasn't gone away. It's everywhere, and pops up in everything from fashion to flip phones.  Adobe highlights 'kidcore', a childhood aesethetic, as well as a move towards nostalgic tech.

Adobe's report includes stock assets to harness these trends and tips on how to use them within Adobe's ecosystem. Download the full trends report here.

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