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IKEA's new Instagram game for couples could cause conflict

Ikea wants to help make your home more equal, in aid of International Women's Day. The furniture giant has launched a fun game designed to assess how well household tasks are shared between your family. Well, it's fun at the beginning but whether it stays that way probably depends on the results.   

Housed on Ikea's Instagram's Stories, FiftyFifty (the game's apt name) asks you and your partner to answer a series of questions based on how you feel about your home habits. Complete with textured question cards, which move and spin around the page, the game's questions aim to get the conversation flowing about how equal things really are at home. Want to create your own vectors? Try these Illustrator tutorials.


FiftyFifty is on Instagram's Stories (Image credit: IKEA)

Ikea's mission is based on the fact that statistically women pick up a much larger proportion of the household work than men, and this has got worse since the pandemic began. The game opens up the conversation with questions like 'what's the best thing about sharing a home with you?' then brings it home with 'did you know that women do three times as much unpaid housework?'. Could lead to a lively discussion.


Ikea's questions may spark a lively discussion (Image credit: IKEA)

As expected from Ikea, the design is on point with a vibrant colour palette and entertaining graphics. It's a slick presentation that showcases how well a professional Stories feed can be branded. 

By using all of Instagram's interaction tools, from sliding scales to polls, Ikea has found a clever way to get people actively engaged with its Instagram account – while marking International Women's Day with a super-topical issue. Want to follow suit? Check out our post on how to boost your Instagram engagement.

Head over to Ikea's Instagram page to try it out for yourself.

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