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All-black PS5 concept is the design the console needs

PS5 concept
(Image credit: Giuseppe Spinelli)

When Sony revealed its PlayStation 5 console last month, there was one aspect fans couldn't stop talking about: the design. With its unusually bulbous shape and new, white colour scheme, the PS5's aesthetics marked a departure from previous Playstation consoles. But now, one concept artist has offered a glimpse of how the console would look in black – and fans are loving it.

While the official design was mercilessly mocked (mainly for resembling a WiFi router), Giuseppe Spinelli's concept (below) enjoys a much more traditional PlayStation look. Rendered in a smart all-black outer shell, the concept does away with white entirely. If you feel like creating a concept of your own, take a look at our best 3D modelling software

Spinelli's concept has gone down a treat online, with several YouTubers commenting that Sony ought to hire the concept artist. "I was waiting for this – great job just like always!" one user says, while another shrewdly observes: "this is the colour Batman would choose". The video has racked almost half a million views since being posted last week. 

While PS5's design has been the butt of several jokes online (below), its tech specs are a different story. A recent preview of the console's graphical capabilities using the Unreal 5 Engine looks incredible, and Sony is talking up its "lightning fast" loading speeds, thanks to a GPU capable of 10.28 teraflops (our new favourite word).  In short, games should look amazing and run quickly – a dream combination for game designers.  

Sony has been known to offer several colour variations for previous Playstation models, so we wouldn't be surprised to see an all-black design further down the line. If so, we can't imagine anyone being unhappy if it resembles Spinelli's slick concept, which makes the device far less eye-catching (in a good way). But with no official release date for even the white version yet, there could be a while to wait. Luckily, there's still time to grab a PS4 though – and it's even available in black. See today's best deals below.

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