Art app Project Gemini renamed Adobe Fresco

Adobe Fresco illustration of an astronaut floating in space
[Image: Adobe]

Adobe Fresco has been announced as the latest addition to the Creative Cloud family. The next-generation digital art app, which was previously known as Project Gemini, recreates the feeling of drawing and painting with traditional tools. Designed for the iPad, and other stylus and touch devices, Adobe Fresco is now open to pre-release testing.

You might remember that Fresco was first announced as Project Gemini at Adobe's annual conference, Adobe MAX 2018. Fresco looks set to be Adobe's answer to Procreate, and could rank up there with the best drawing apps for iPad. Revealed by Kyle T. Webster and Eric Snowden, Fresco will pair pen and touch hardware with professional tools and a streamlined, easy-to-use interface.

"We’re developing Adobe Fresco to empower spontaneous creativity," explains Creative Cloud's chief product officer and executive vice president, Scott Belsky in an Adobe blog post.

"Because it's built for the Apple iPad (with versions for other stylus- and touch-based devices to follow), you’ll be able to bring Fresco wherever you go. It frees drawing and painting from the desktop and lets you create everywhere, anytime."

Fresco's name is no coincidence, either. The word refers to a centuries-old painting technique where artists would work into wet plaster. And once the plaster was dry, they were out of time. This perfectly sums up how Fresco will replicate the organic interactions of analogue art tools, such as chalk, oils, and watercolours.

Rethinking the mobile art experience

Fresco has been created with Adobe's users and community in mind. Having heard that they've been asking for professional-level features on mobile, Adobe went back to the drawing board and completely rethought how its tools can be used on the go.

The result is a set of intuitive features that hope to recapture that simple, natural feeling of working with analogue drawing tools. New painting and illustration capabilities, such as new types of paint and painting interactions, open up previously impossible digital art opportunities. This includes the ability to mix digital watercolour washes just like the real thing, as well as exclusive brushes and a multiscreen mode.

To ensure that they're up to scratch, these tools have been rigorously tested by a selection of skilled artists. On top of that, Adobe Fresco is also able to sync with Photoshop on the desktop. This means that art you make in the field can be developed seamlessly when you're back in the studio, without the headache of transferring files.

Screenshot of a painting of a cat created in Adobe Fresco

Images created in Adobe Fresco will sync with Photoshop on desktop [Image: Adobe]

"Fresco will have the power creative professionals need," adds Belsky. "It includes pro-level tools like layers, masking, and selection in a workspace you can customise for efficiency."

Adobe Fresco is due to launch later in the year, but if you would like to sign up for pre-testing, you can apply here. And if you're after a device that will make your digital artwork look as good as can be, check out our guide to the best tablets with a stylus for drawing.

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