Did the iPhone inspire Apple's next Mac display?

Apple Studio Display and iPhone 14 Pro
(Image credit: Apple/Future)

While iOS 17 has proven to be a fairly iterative update for the iPhone, one particular feature has caught fans' attention. StandBy mode essentially turns the device into a pseudo 'smart display', showing information like the time or calendar when not in use. But new reports suggest a much bolder take on the idea could be en route.

A notable Apple leaker has revealed that the company is working on multiple new monitor offerings, including one that could feature similar smart display options while idle, thanks to an in-built iOS chip. So sort of like a giant iPhone, then? (If you're after something more pocketable, check out the best iPhone 14 deals.)

The Apple Studio Display on a white background

The next Studio Display could show information even in standby (Image credit: Apple)

According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman (as spotted by MacRumors), Apple is working on follow-ups for its current Studio Display that could show information even when the screen is idle, thus potentially turning the monitor into a giant 'smart hub' of sorts.

As for what to expect, perhaps we can look to iOS 17's new StandBy mode. In demos for the as-yet unreleased iOS 17, Apple shows how, when in landscape mode, an iPhone can display information such as the time, weather and calendar appointments, as well as a series of interactive widgets. Many examples show the device paired with a docking stand, but this of course wouldn't be necessary for a monitor.

An iPhone on a docking stand with StandBy enabled

Apple just announced StandBy as part of iOS 17 (Image credit: Apple)

Although a monitor version of StandBy could prove useful, it's currently hard to imagine it working as well as the iPhone version. The latter is able to act as a visual alarm clock, since many people leave an iPhone either in their bedroom (or somewhere less intrusive) – but we'd wager there are fewer Apple displays hanging around in people's living spaces. But hey, being able to glance at the display in your home office and see that something needs replying to could have its uses.

Apple has certainly been showing some love to its desktop experiences in the last few years. From the stunning new Mac mini M2 to 2021's colourful iMac refresh, it's clear that the company isn't only thinking about its laptops, tablets, phones and watches. For our take on the company's current monitor offering, take a look a our Apple Studio Display review.

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