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With the new 2021 iMac, Apple is back to its fun, retro best

Apple announced a lot of new products at this week's Spring Loaded event, but the one that really got people talking was the brand new iMac. Redesigned for the first time since 2012, the new all-in-one offers a refreshing burst of colour after years of silvery-grey. But as many have spotted, the new look is also a nod to the iMac's past.

Available in seven hues, the new iMac is the most colourful Mac since, well, the iMac. Specifically 1998's iMac G3, which famously came in five very bright colours. Yep, it seems the new iMac is very much a throwback to one of the most popular Apple computers of all time. Looks like our best computers for graphic design list is about to get brighter.


The new iMac (right) vs 1998's iMac G3 (left) (Image credit: Apple/Future owns)

Apple has been embracing colour recently, in what seems like a nod to its vibrant past (we just wish the rainbow logo would make a comeback). But the new iMac is the most colourful new product yet – and we're here for it.

2021 iMac

Drool (Image credit: Apple)

Indeed, it can't be a coincidence that the new iMac colours are so similar to those of the iMac G3. Blue, green, red, orange and purple are all present and correct in the new line up, and Apple fans are loving the throwback to simpler times. 

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Like last year's iPad Air 4, the new iMac marks a move away from the industrial, utilitarian design of the last decade. And with the noughties' tech aesthetic making something of a comeback, we're not entirely surprised to see the return of the rainbow.

iPad Air (2020) review

Apple is really embracing colour right now (Image credit: Apple)

It was about time the iMac was given a fresh coat of paint – and Apple certainly didn't disappoint. We can't wait to get our hands on the new machine (orange for us, please). If you want the best kit available right here and now, check out the best Mac deals below, and be sure to swing by our main Apple deals page.

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