Hypnotic ASMR video is the moment of calm we all need

Teapot Craft
(Image credit: nextfuckinglevel on Reddit)

As the world tentatively emerges from lockdown, it's fair to say things are feeling a little confusing. If, like us, you're looking for something that'll quieten your mind, you can't go wrong with this mesmerising pottery video, which shows the detailed process that goes into creating a clay teapot. 

From the skill and precision that goes into the crafting process, to the heightened sound and relaxing music, this is ultimate design ASMR (though if you want something different, you could create your own with the best video editing software). See the video below – it's so hypnotic, we can't stop watching it.

the birth of a Teapot from r/nextfuckinglevel

Shared on Reddit, titled 'The Birth of a Teapot', the video has gained a lot of attention, with enthused users commenting on a range of topics, from how much a teapot like this would retail for, to the dedication of the potter, and the impressive mastery of creating a 'single drop teapot'. 

'The idea is to make a tea pot that has a single drop (after pour) that sits on the spout that does not run down the pot,' says indicaflower1975, 'It’s very hard to do and out out of the 60 or so I’ve made over my life, I’ve never managed to archive that goal.'

We can't get enough of the smoothness of the clay, the perfect technique of the potter and those precise shapes. Add to that the satisfying sound of the paddle slapping, plus the relaxing music and we're so relaxed, we've totally glazed over (sorry). 

This kind of creative relaxation gives us a moment of calm but with a sense of productivity –  just as this mesmerising paint mixing video did earlier this year. We love to get a glimpse into creatives sharing their processes, and especially with the artistry shown here. 

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