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Baby Yoda loses his robe in revealing Star Wars leak

Baby Yoda
(Image credit: Lucasfilm/Disney)

Star wars fans have been obsessed with Baby Yoda since The Mandalorian series began last year. But, while we've been able to fall in love with his face, the tiny tot has so far been swamped in that humongous robe, preventing us to truly get to know him – until now. New Mandalorian concept artwork has been leaked, which shows us exactly what's under Baby Yoda's robe. Warning: this is new levels of cuteness.

At first, we were concerned this 'under the robe' angle would be disturbing – does anyone really want to see a naked Baby Yoda? But worry not, the adorable infant is adorned in a delightful babygro, adding another element to this iconic character and displaying creativity worthy of our best character design tips list. See it below. 

You may have to squint a bit... (Image credit: Lucasfilm/Disney)

The artwork is taken from the preview pages of a new Mandalorian book – The Art of The Mandalorian, and was shared on Reddit by user AdamDriverIs Awesome. Not only does it show Baby Yoda in a babygro, but there's also a novel new method of transporting the little chap. 

Enter: the baby backpack. Reddit users are delighted by the prospect, with alcibiad wondering "Um are we ever going to get that convertible backpack pram in the show because I LOVE it". We'd certainly carry him around in it.

Baby Yoda

We can't wait for the book (Image credit: Lucasfilm/Disney)

Though the image quality of the preview pages isn't fantastic (the above gives you more of an idea of the glossy quality in store for the book), these pages do give us a taste of what to expect from The Art of the Mandalorian when it's out in December – and gets us excited for season two of the show. 

But to be honest, we're mostly just pleased this concept art served up more cuteness and we didn't have to be subjected to the horror of previous Baby Yoda revelations – remember how he almost looked?

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