Stunning new Batman logo revealed by DC Comics

A new logo has been designed for Detective Comics' new Batman series, with a glorious cover design to go alongside it. Created in celebration of a brand-new creative team at DC, the designs reflect the upcoming story arc, which is titled 'Gotham Nocturne' and is based on gothic opera and music. 

The elegant logo was designed by Darran Robinson, who is behind a number of previous DC covers. And I'm saying right off the bat, I absolutely love the logo, and the cover art, too. If you're just as inspired, download Illustrator if you need the tools to make your own.

Batman new logo

The new Batman logo is deliciously balanced (Image credit: DC Comics)

The new Batman logo is clean and balanced, with the 'Batman' and 'Detective Comics' text perfectly placed inside the swooping graphic. It's super-satisfying to study the way the curves and text interplay within the space – and the way the whole logo sits atop the background graphic works beautifully, too, with the points sitting just right on the creepy hands (see it in situ below).

Click to see a bigger version (Image credit: DC Comics)
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In line with the gothic opera themes of the story, the cover art (by Evan Cagle (opens in new tab)) seems to be reminiscent of the Phantom of the Opera art. It features more elegant symmetry, impressive intricacy and a stunning colour palette. It's dark, brooding and makes me want to dive right in. 

Robinson shared his excitement on Twitter (opens in new tab) (see the tweet below) and was met with tremendous applause. He also shared a rendered version of the logo "just because".

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