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A mix of literal logos
(Image credit: Samir Chajia/Starbucks/YouTube/Premier League/National Geographic/Fifa)

When designing a logo, you have a whole bunch of creative decisions to make. Do you use a strong image to represent exactly what the brand does, or do you go more conceptual with a carefully curated squiggle (not that you'd ever admit that's what it is)? It all depends on what you want the consumer to see, and the brief, of course, which will inform your decisions.

One graphic designer has played with those decisions with a recent project, where they've replaced brand names with the literal meaning of their logo images. Seeing some of the biggest brand logos this way isn't only good fun, it offers a new perspective on the image and message they've chosen to project with their branding – and is surprisingly thought provoking. You can see them below. Want to have a go? Download Illustrator and get designing.

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"The idea came when I was browsing and analysing some international brand's identities, and I noticed that some brands have their symbol be the literal description of the brand name, like (Puma, Ram, Apple, Dominos, Shell...)," Samir Chajia (opens in new tab) told Creative Bloq. "I wondered how other brands will look if they took the same approach." 

Chajia then searched for famous brands and selected the ones that could be easily described in a word or two. See them all in the slideshow below (scroll to see more), and you might want to consider the brand's real-life creative intention as you go.

"I love these kinds of small projects," says Chajia. "It gives me the liberty to play with wonderful brands and their colours, and typography while appreciating the creativity and simplicity that goes with it."

We love seeing designers use their skills to shine a light on a fascinating element of branding design. This project (see the whole thing on Twitter (opens in new tab)) reminds us of another designer's joyful retro logos, which made over well-known logos with a retro twist. 

If you have a logo project you think we need to hear about, send it to us via Twitter (opens in new tab) or Instagram (opens in new tab).

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