These are the hottest logo design trends of 2022

Some of the logos in the report
(Image credit: LogoLounge)

Every year, we see a whole host of different logo designs trends fall in and out of fashion. Now, as we approach the halfway mark for the year, LogoLounge has released its logo trend report for 2022, and the results may surprise you. 

LogoLounge has released 15 different logo design trends that have been dominating designs of late. With styles inspired by everything from art nouveau to nature and shapes based on macaroni and almonds (that was unexpected), these designs are certainly diverse. Got your own logo project on the go? These trends combined with our top tips on how to design a logo will help you to create something brilliant. 

A few logos in the trend report

Which trends are your favourite? (Image credit: LogoLounge)

We think LogoLounge's roundup of trends is pretty accurate. The likes of the 'Reverse Stress' has a particularly '60s/'70s look about it, which we have seen a lot in logo design of late (remember when BMW revived its '70s logo late last year?). We've seen other trend reports also recognise this retro revival – in the 2022 typeface trend report, Monotype thought that 'Neue Nouveau' would be popular and we guess it was right. 

The logos for the Reverse Stress trend

We love the '60s/'70s feel of these logos (Image credit: LogoLounge)

Nature appears in a lot of these designs (see trends 'Rooters' and 'Trellis'), perfectly reflecting this eco-conscious age. However, we can't help but feel like some of the Rooters designs looks a little like that awful logo for Barnstaple. Perhaps we were just too quick to judge the Devonian logo as it's actually very on-trend. 

The Rooters logos

Perhaps Barnstaple was onto something... (Image credit: LogoLounge)

While we weren't anticipating 'Hand Dots', we're not mad about it at all. In fact, the dots give a rustic and warm look to the logos. We can't say we have covered many (if not any) logos that feature these friendly little dots, so it would be nice to see more Hand Dot designs.

The Hand Dots logos

These just look so wholesome (Image credit: LogoLounge)

Wordmarks and typography were also a central theme this year. "We saw much consideration of wordmarks and typography playing a more important role," said the report. "All recognising the need to build some ownership of visual memorability into an otherwise anonymous solution". Good news for typeophiles like us.

Other trends in the report include the likes of 'Tight' typefaces (why not stock up the best free fonts to have a go at creating your own tight logos?) and 'Overarching' which creates a smart and compacted logo tucked nicely in one arched shape. If all this logo talk has left you feeling inspired, then download Photoshop and have a go at creating your very own designs. 

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