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David Hockney redesigns The Sun logo – and Twitter reacts!

For one day only, UK newspaper, The Sun, will get a new logo design courtesy of one of the world's most famous artists. Taking the familiar red masthead and giving it a redesign is David Hockney, an artist famed for his bold use of colour. Given The Sun's vibrant red logo, it makes sense that Hockney was on hand to give the design a revamp.

Available to buy today on the front of every printed copy of The Sun, the new logo features a beaming sun and squiggly shadows beneath the lettering. 

The logo as it will appear on the one-off masthead

The logo as it will appear on the one-off masthead

Hockney decided to take on the design challenge because he considers The Sun to be a great British icon. The 79-year-old artist created the design on his iPad. “I was delighted to be asked," he says. "Once I thought about the idea it didn’t take me long. The sun and The Sun. I love it.”

And because the internet loves a joke, especially where a new logo is involved, plenty of people have already shared their thoughts on Twitter. Buzzfeed editor Matthew Champion, for example, has tweaked the website's logo with a tongue-in-cheek image. (If it looks like he knocked it up in 2 minutes in Paint, it's because he probably did.)

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