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Designers react to the new Aldi logo

Budget supermarket chain Aldi has been a favourite amongst UK shoppers for 25 years thanks to its bargain prices. The German brand, which can trace its origins all the way back to 1913, has continued to increase its share of the retail market in 2017. To strengthen its position and appear more contemporary, Aldi has built on this year's success with a new logo design (above).

Bucking the trend of flat designs which have become par for the course in the last few years, Aldi has instead opted for a 3D look with a colour gradient. Designed by illion. Markensocietaet, the new logo will be accompanied by a refreshed product range and store redesigns.

"The fresh visual design of the new logo is ideally suited to the current modernisation process of ALDI SÜD, " says Kirsten Geß, communication director at ALDI SÜD.

The newest version of the Aldi comes with a refined border and a curved typeface which builds on a design that was first introduced in 1982. The familiar 'A' logomark is still there, but the shape of the letter has been squashed into a more abstract version. The recognisable blue stripes that make up the design have also made it into the new design, which should help reassure shoppers. Expect to see it rolling out from June 2017 onwards.

The new Aldi logo builds on the 1982 design

The new Aldi logo builds on the 1982 design

But never mind shoppers, what have designers made of the update? Nothing seems to get designers talking quite like a brand update and Aldi is no exception. Here's what the online community of designers had to say.

What do you make of the new Aldi logo? Let us know in the comments below!

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