Designers use T-shirts to help spread the love

For many, 2016 will go down as one of the worst years in history. Don't get us wrong, it could definitely have been worse, but certain events that took place last year will rocket 2016 to the top of the 'crappiest year' list for many. 

Which is why, today, a bunch of brilliant designers are launching COUP, a new charity initiative selling limited edition T-shirts by wonderful artists in aid of wonderful causes. 

Staying positive

Every coup needs a manifesto

Every coup needs a manifesto

Curating this love-filled project is illustrator and designer Ben O'Brien, who has this to say about the project. "Much like everybody, my blood has boiled a lot in the past year. With Brexit and Trump, it felt like love and care was just draining away. I decided to do something, to redirect the energy I was putting into anger, and focus it on doing something positive, to try and redress the balance, to stage a COUP.

"T-shirts are always cool, they can shout a message, or spread the love, they can be a wonderful gift or a world-changing statement," adds O'Brien. "Over the past couple of months I have been working with some super artists on their T-shirt designs, with plenty more getting involved over the next year. I can't believe the designs I'm seeing, I'm bowled over, I'll cry a little every day I work on COUP!

"In time I want to build it up, more artists, more T-shirts, more money for charity, but by the end of the year I'd like to be doing other products, a comic book, art prints, any way to get art out there and spread love, any way to make money for charities. My dream is to get a pop-up store in London by the end of the year, I don't know how, but I will do everything I can to try and make that happen!"

We can't argue with this call to action

We can't argue with this call to action

COUP will be selling limited edition T-shirts one-at-a-time throughout 2017, with each design on sale for just 14 days. Each T-shirt will be sold in aid of a charity chosen by the artist, charities that bring love to the world.

The first T-shirt has been designed by illustrator Andy J Pizza, who also hosts the Creative Pep Talk podcast – you can see the design at the top of this page, and buy it here.

It will be followed by designs from Bubi Au Yeung, Yoni Alter, Marylou Faure and a design by four artists who participated in the Washington Women’s March recently. Other artists getting involved include Camille Walala, 123Klan, TADO, Beci Orpin, Jam Factory, Sawdust, Karan Singh and many more.

Get involved

Want to help COUP? As of today you can head to their site and buy the first of the limited edition T-shirts. Money raised by the sales will go towards charities chosen by the artists. So you'll not just look cool, you'll be helping a worthy cause, too. What could be better?

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