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Discover the easiest way to build your own apps for free

If you don't really know what you're doing, the prospect of building an app is more than a little overwhelming. What you need are some rock-solid examples that you can learn from and remix, gradually figuring out how they work and using that knowledge to build your own skills.

Which is why Fog Creek has launched a brand new tool that's designed to make it much easier to learn to create and deploy your own apps. It's called Gomix, and it's inspired by the early days of the internet when you could learn how stuff worked by simply looking at the source.

Much as it's become much harder to teach yourself web design from looking at the source of existing pages, it's not at all easy to find and pick through the source of an interesting app, but Gomix is a platform built to let you do exactly that.

It combines a load of working example apps that you can copy, tweak and remix, with a code editor to do it all in and instant hosting and deployment that enable you to see the effects of your tweaks immediately. 

Pick an interesting project and learn by remixing it

Pick an interesting project and learn by remixing it

There's plenty you can do with Gomix's example projects, whether you want to create an instant Bootstrap website, build your own Slack bot or even teach Amazon's Alexa personal assistant some new tricks. 

You can write games, make tools, create the assorted building blocks you'll need for larger web projects and much more, all while teaching yourself to code in the time-honoured way of messing about with someone else's code.

Gomix instantly deploys your code so you can see if it works

Gomix instantly deploys your code so you can see if it works

It's a brilliant way to learn coding, and once you've picked up some skills Gomix is still useful; it's a fully-functioning developer environment that you can use to host and deploy your projects without any headaches.

Gomix is in beta at the moment and completely free to use with no setup required; Fog Creek say that they may introduce premium features further down the line but that there'll always be some kind of free plan. If you've always harboured a desire to code but never really known where to start, this might just be the place; check it out!

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