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Discover your 2019 Pantone with this quiz

We all have colours that we like best, whether we use them for clothes, design projects, Instagram colour palettes or home decoration. But with colour trends constantly changing, it can be hard to keep up with the hot new hues hitting the scene. To help keep the colour-conscious up to date, the The Prestige Flooring Co has created a fun little quiz that will match a palette to your personality.

If you've ever killed five minutes by taking a Buzzfeed quiz you'll be familiar with the format. A series of 10 multiple choice questions asks you to pick your preferences, and at the end you'll be presented with a palette based on your decisions. These questions include internet quiz favourites such as 'where would you call home?'. 'pick a sky' and 'which is your go-to coffee order?'

Whizz your way through all 10 questions by taking the colour quiz here or below, and you'll find a matching palette based on the Spring Summer 2019 trending colours spotted on runways. Results include colour palettes such as 'meandering', 'musings' and 'paradoxical', each of which include a group of suggested hues for you to experiment with. This could be particularly useful if you're struggling with a mood board – see more mood board tips here

Fans of colour theory will get a kick out of this quiz, and it couldn't come at a better time. Thanks to the unveiling of Pantone's Color of the Year 2019 earlier this month, we're already getting a good idea of how the next twelve months are shaping up colour-wise.

So if you're looking for a burst of colour inspiration to liven up your wardrobe, creative projects or your home, this quiz could be the perfect place to find some surprising insights, plus a bit of personal reflection for the end of the year.

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