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Don't miss this Amazon Music $1/£1 offer

Deal - Amazon Music
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Amazon Music is offering an amazing deal where you can get access to its 50 million-strong song library for four months for just $0.99/£0.99. The Amazon Music Unlimited deal is only open to new listeners. 

Amazon Music Unlimited trumps both Apple Music and Spotify when it comes to its song library size. It has an impressive five million more songs than Apple Music and a surprising 15 million more than Spotify. So this deal is giving you access to the biggest mainstream streaming library out there for a ridiculously low price. 

To listen to your favourite tunes you need a decent set of headphones. Check out our best noise-cancelling headphones in 2019 post where you can snag yourself an absolute steal. You might well need a Kindle as well, so check our best ereaders post. Or, if you are looking for great deals on other headphones make sure you check out our post on how to get the best Amazon Black Friday deals. 

Amazon Music Unlimited US

US – Get Amazon Music Unlimited for $0.99
Nab yourself over 50 millions songs for a ridiculously low price for four months and get direct integration with all your Amazon Echo devices. New subscribers only.

Amazon Music Unlimited UK

UK – Get Amazon Music Unlimited for £0.99
Enjoy over 50 millions songs for a stupidly low price for four months, plus the service integrates directly with your Amazon Echo devices. Deal open to new subscribers only.

The Amazon Music trial lasts for four whole months, but once it runs out you can continue your membership for a very competitive $9.99/£9.99 a month. If you are signed up to Prime you can continue using the service for a reduced price of $7.99/£7.99. And, if you want to save even more you can grab a $3.99/£3.99 membership that only serves a single Amazon Echo speaker. 

It seems Amazon's generosity know no bounds. Alongside the Amazon Music Unlimited deal it is offering its Amazon Kindle Unlimited deal. This gives access to over one million titles and thousands of audio books for free for three months. Get signed up for both today, what have you got to lose?

Amazon Kindle Unlimited

Get Amazon Kindle Unlimited for free
Amazon is offering UK customers three months of their premier digital reading service for absolutely nothing. Get access to over one million titles and thousands of audio books.

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