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Can you draw a perfect circle?

(Image credit: Vole WTF)

Drawing a circle may seem simple, but penning a perfectly round shape is way trickier that you might imagine. Don't believe us? Have a go with this 'Can you draw a perfect circle?' game and see how you get on. 

Our guide to logo design points out just how important circles are in the world of art and design, but drawing them freehand takes serious skill. The best score we got is pretty impressive, even if we do say so ourselves. 89.5 per cent perfect. So close and yet so far. 

All joking aside, this game, developed by the Vole WTF team, is a really good way to put your artistic skills to the test, especially if you have the luxury of the one of the best tablets with a stylus to try it on. The more we practised, the better our score became – practice really does make (10.5 per cent off) perfect. However, we've now lost count of how many attempts we've had or how much time we lost to this ridiculously simple but addictive game. 

While we head off to learn how to draw basic shapes, why don't you give the game a go and see if you can beat our (current) top score. 

And if you're in the mood for quizzes, you can also try which typeface are you? or can you match colours with shapes like the Bauhaus masters? Just don't blame us if you lose half your day to trying to discover the answers to these (very important) questions. 

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Kerrie Hughes

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