New PS5 UI leak reveals final glimpse before launch

(Image credit: Arekkz Gaming)

With the PS5 release date set for Thursday, excitement is building (see where you can still pre-order a PS5 today). The physical console design has been endlessly discussed and analysed, but the UI itself has only been shared in dribs and drabs, leaving fans in anticipation. But, a new video has been released online that fills in another piece of the puzzle. Given how close we are to launch, it's likely to be the most accurate – and potentially even the final – glimpse we'll get.

Taken from a PS5 review unit, the footage gives us a more in-depth walkthrough of how the onscreen features will be presented. See the video below, and to create your own stunning UI, see our pick of top UI design tools.

In this video from Arekkz Gaming, which compares the "curved aesthetic" of the UI to that of the handheld PlayStation Vita, there's a lot to digest. Highlights include an activities section (where you can track your game progress right from the homescreen) and auto-playing music, which plays the game's soundtrack when you hover over a title – a nice touch. You can also access the store from the dashboard, saving you from having to open a separate app, and the quick menu is totally customisable.

The video takes you through trophies and sharing, but perhaps most impressive so far is the load speeds. You can jump from game to game, menu to menu totally seamlessly and lightning fast. 

On Twitter, a shorter walkthrough was shared by PS5 Videos, and fans have been sharing their hopes for the console's UI, with a lot of voices hoping for a chance to play older games.

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Some hoping for the addition of custom folders:

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And some just excited by what they see.

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Exciting stuff. So while you wait to find out what else is coming, why not check out the must-have PS5 accessories available to buy now. 

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