PS5 user interface revealed: Brand new look is the one PlayStation fans have been waiting for

Sony's new PS5 UI in action (Image credit: Sony)

On the same day Microsoft began rolling out its new UI to Xbox One users, Sony has surprised fans with a brand new video offering a deep dive into the UI of the upcoming PlayStation 5 – and fans are already loving the new, clean design. 

Presented in 4K, the video (below) offers over 11 minutes of footage, revealing pretty much everything there is to know about the PS5's UI. From a new Control Centre to Activity Cards detailing game objectives, the new user interface looks pretty feature-packed – and it's all available without needing to leave a game. If you're looking for user experience tips, our UI design guide has you covered. 

"The new UX is completely centered on the player," Sony explains in a blog post. "It introduces several new features designed to make your gaming experiences more fun, engaging, personalised and social."

The headline features is the new Control Centre, which provides access to the new UI "at a single press of the PlayStation button on the DualSense wireless controller". We weren't big fans of the controller's design, but at least the DualSense appears to be pulling its weight functionality-wise. 


The Control Centre can be accessed with a single button press (Image credit: Sony)

Activities, meanwhile, are designed to bring the user closer to the games, enabling them to discover new gameplay opportunities or even go back to things they've missed. With so many huge, detailed open-world games around these days, the odd pointer sounds pretty handy to us. 

A UI might not sound like the most exciting reveal, but PlayStation fans are already lapping up the clean and crisp new look. Many have compared it favourably with the PS4's UI design – as well as that of the upcoming Xbox Series X (which users have complained covers up their existing wallpapers). 

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One thing that isn't clear is whether the UI will also become available to PS4 users. Microsoft's new UI is already available on the Xbox One, which is certainly one way of getting users talking about the new console. Still, the positive response to the PS5's UI will be good news for Sony. The design of the console itself was rather less warmly received, and found itself on the receiving end of several brutal yet hilarious memes.

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