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Start 2017 ahead of the pack by embracing virtual reality! The 3D World team meet the developer behind Oculus Medium to discover how sculpting in VR will change the way we all work in the future. 

Plus, artist Lee Petty shares his Medium advice and artwork only with 3D World's readers. 

Arguing your next CG art job will be in VR is Chaos Group Labs’s director Chris Nichols, who shares his views on how the technology will shape how we work and create content in the years to come. 

VR and animation comes under scrutiny too, as the team meet feature-film animation director Eric Darnell who reveals how VR will shape a new form of animation.

Tutorials this issue cover hard surface modelling in 3ds Max, character texturing in Substance Suite and anatomy sculpting in ZBrush – and artist Jakub Chechelski offers his stunning model free to every reader. Plus, learn to animate a scene for VR, model hair in Cinema 4D and create brick materials in Blender.

Issue 217 also takes a look at OFF, the beautiful award-winning short film by Martin Nabelek, who shares his process for rendering VFX shots using Corona Renderer.

Once again, 3D World has also partnered with Plural Sight to offer a free video course. This issue you get a two-hour course to master compositing in Nuke for VR. The download includes the full video course and project files.

Also in 3D World 217…

  • ILM go into detail on the VFX of Doctor Strange
  • Cycles 4D, Wacom 3D and VUE 216 reviewed
  • Hands-on with Microsoft's HoloLens
  • London's VFX community discuss the rise of Redshift
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Recreate classic cinamatic lighting in V-Ray
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Discover how sculpting in VR will change your workflow
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Perfect your ZBrush anatomy, and get this model FREE
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Discover the art of perfect robot rendering
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How VR will be a career choice for CG artists