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Incredible new graphic design app now includes photorealistic rendering

Adobe has recently announced a partnership with computer graphics leaders Chaos Group to bring the beta desktop rendering app Project Felix to Creative Cloud.

The 3D art app simplifies the 2D/3D compositing process, making it more approachable to any graphic designer or generalist. Powered by V-Ray's Academy Award-winning rendering technology, designers can easily create create photorealistic 3D models, materials and lights with Project Felix at the push of a button. These renders can then be worked on in Photoshop CC.

With V-Ray acting as a virtual camera, users can test angles, perspectives and model placement before generating a final hi-res render. Toped off with immediate previews, designers can create more naturally as their ideas come to life.

Create textures and surfaces with the push of a button

Create textures and surfaces with the push of a button

"We’re thrilled that Adobe has chosen V-Ray to be the core rendering engine for Project Felix, and to be a part of a new era for 3D in graphic design,” said Peter Mitev, CEO of Chaos Group. “Together we’re bringing the benefits of photoreal rendering, and a new design workflow, to millions of creatives worldwide.”

“Working with the amazing team at Chaos Group meant we could bring the power of the industry’s top rendering engine to our users,” said Stefano Corazza, senior director of engineering at Adobe. “Thanks to their stellar team, our collaboration lets graphic designers design in a more natural flow. Each edit comes to life right before their eyes.”

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