This viral iPhone and iPad hack is straight out of the future

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We see iPhone and iPad 'hacks' every week here at at Creative Bloq, and most of the time they're not all that impressive (yes, we know we can type on our iPad). Often it's simply an iOS feature that the internet hasn't fully discovered yet – as is the case here. But even if it's been around for a while, this one still feels delightfully futuristic. 

A TikTok user has discovered that Universal Clipboard + finger gestures = Minority Report-level coolness. And if that sentence makes no sense to you, don't worry – the explanation is coming. (Want to experience the hack for yourself? Check out today's best iPad Pro deals).


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The viral TikTok video from user @happymelmelr (above) shows the user pinching inwards on a photo on their iPhone, then pinching outwards on their iPad. The photo is pasted onto the iPad. Sorcery! 

Well, not quite. Apple's Universal Clipboard feature has been around since 2016, and allows users to seamlessly copy and paste files between devices. To do this, the devices must both be signed into the same Apple ID and are connected to Wi-Fi. They should also be within Bluetooth range of each other.

Universal Clipboard on MacBook and iPhone

Universal Clipboard works on Mac too (Image credit: Apple)

But what makes the whole thing look quite so magical here is the pinching motion. Indeed, it's a more advanced version of a similar 'hack' that went viral in February, in which users discovered how the gesture can work on a single device. But using it across two devices does indeed create the illusion of passing the file through thin air between them.

And even though it's a six-year-old feature, some TikTok users still think they're being had. "This has to be fake," one user comments on the video, while another adds, "I'm really gullible, is this real or not?". 

While it's certainly impressive tech, we're sorry to report that it isn't actually magic (unlike the Harry Potter iPhone hack – that one definitely is). And it won't be the last iPhone hack we see this month – there'll always be something new to learn about Apple's incredible mobile tech. Check out today's best iPhone 13 deals below, and head to our iPhone 13 deals page for more great offers.

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