New iPad mini concept is the Apple tablet we've been waiting for

All eyes might be on the upcoming iPhone 12, but we've also heard rumours lately that an upgraded iPad Mini could be around the corner. One concept artist has shared their vision for the iPad Mini 6 – and it could be the device we've been waiting for.

Taking design cues from the current iPad Pro, the concept features a similar 7.9-inch display to the current iPad Mini 5, but with an edge-to-edge display. With reduced bezels around the screen, the device becomes even smaller (or mini-er). If the real thing does indeed look like this, it could well become the first iPad Mini to bag a spot on our best drawing tablets list. 

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As well the design language of the iPad Pro, Parker Ortolani's concept shares its support for Apple Pencil 2. With improved digital drawing capabilities along with a 20% smaller footprint, an iPad Mini like this could be the ultimate toteable tablet for graphic designers on the move.

iPad Mini

Ortolani's concept keeps the same display size, opting to shrink the device itself  (Image credit: Parker Ortolani)

Where this concept differs from actual rumours about the new iPad Mini is the display size. According to MacRumours, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has revealed that Apple is currently working on an 8.5-inch iPad, whereas Ortalani opts to stick to the same 7.9-inch size (hence the smaller body). For digital artists, a larger screen within a similar form factor could be a more preferable alternative – a few extra pixels can go a very long way.

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With that in mind, Ortolani has also mocked up an 8.5-inch version (above) which retains the exact same body size as the iPad Mini 5. As his concept shows, this would require stretching the display into a new, narrow aspect ratio which looks a little off. If Apple is indeed working on an 8.5-inch model, it'll be interesting to see how it intends to alter the tablet's form factor to accommodate the larger display.

Twitter users are loving Ortolani's concept. "I'd be there day one," one comments, while another adds: "Not even a question. I'd buy three!" There's clearly an appetite for an updated iPad Mini – although some have pointed out that if Apple is indeed working on a folding iPhone with a large display, the iPad Mini's days could eventually be numbered. Whether or not that will become a reality remains to be seen – in the meantime, if you're looking for a great deal on an iPad, check out Apple's Back to School sale

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Daniel Piper
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