2021 iPad Pro could be Apple's most attractive design yet

With the sheer amount of iPads released in 2020, could Apple be planning to take a breather in 2021? Of course not. The rumour mill has already gone into overdrive when it comes to 2021's iPad lineup – and a brand new render has revealed a tantalising glimpse at what this year's new iPad Pro might look like. 

Based on leaked CAD files of the supposedly upcoming iPad Pro, one 3D artist has created a full video render (below), revealing a rather similar design to the current model. And while a few tiny tweaks could hint at some huge new features for one of our best drawing tablets, it seems the next iPad Pro is going to look a lot like the last iPad Pro.  

Created by 3D artist Pigtou, the render reveals a familiar edge-to-edge display with black bezels, along with the standard magnetic ports for the Apple Pencil 2 and Magic Keyboard (good news if you've already splashed out on these not-exactly-inexpensive accessories).

However, the renders do include some subtle changes. Perhaps most notably, as spotted by Cult of Mac, they suggest that Apple could be planning to add extra magnetic connectors at the top and bottom edges next to the speaker holes. While it's unclear what these will be used for, it could suggest that Apple is planning to implement magnetic MagSafe charging (which has already hit the iPhone 12, and is rumoured to be returning to the MacBook Pro). 

iPad Pro 2021

The new iPad Pro might look familiar – but some tiny changes could make a huge difference (Image credit: Pigtou)

More magnets could also mean more accessories. We were taken by surprise when Apple launched the Magic Keyboard last year, and the company could have even more useful (and no doubt pricey) peripherals up its sleeve. We recently saw a stunning AirPods concept involving pass-through charging from an iPad to the earbuds (below) – and based on Pigtou's renders, this doesn't seem quite so far-fetched anymore. 

AirPods 3

Is this what an extra magnet could be used for? (Image credit: Yanko Design)

One of the most persistent rumours about the 2021 iPad Pro suggests it could become the first Apple tablet to pack an LED display. Pigtou's renders neither confirm nor deny this report, so there's still hope for creatives that the iPad's display could become the ultimate digital canvas, with vastly improved brightness or contrast.

Intriguingly, in a blog post about the renders, Pigtou also suggests some major internal changes could be in store for the iPad Pro – namely, the addition of Apple's M1 chip. We've were blown away by the chip's performance in the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air (and shocked to see some early M1 MacBook price cuts), and if it does make its way into the iPad Pro, perhaps the tablet could finally become a laptop replacement for creatives. 

We were a touch disappointed with the lack of new design language in Apple's 2020 product line-up, but it seems that could be about to change this year – even the iMac is finally in line for a fresh coat of paint. But while the 2021 iPad Pro might not look so exciting on the outside, it seems there could be some huge internal changes in store. If you're looking for the best iPad available right here and now, check out today's best iPad Pro deals below.

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Daniel Piper
Senior News Editor

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