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Of all the rumours we've heard about the next generation of iPad Pro, perhaps the most baffling involve the addition of wireless charging. Let alone the issue of how a giant slab of tablet is going to fit on your wireless charging mat, there's also the question of how it would actually work. Well, we might now have our answer.

Rumours of an iPad with an all-glass back have now made way for rumours of something subtler – an iPad with a glass Apple logo. New reports suggest the logo itself could house both wireless and MagSafe charging tech. Want the best iPad Pro experience available right here and now? Check out today's best iPad Pro deals

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The Apple logo could be getting a lot bigger – and glassier (Image credit: Apple)

According to 9to5Mac, Apple has hit a "roadblock" with its designs for a glass-backed iPad – mainly thanks to its fragility (to be honest, we could have told Apple that an all-glass back sounds, er, smashing). But the reason the company is keen on the idea is that the current aluminium back wouldn't be compatible with its magnetic MagSafe charging tech.

The report claims that Apple's solution is to feature a larger Apple logo made of glass. The report claims that this could house stronger magnets than the iPhone line up, and support faster charging. This can only be a good thing – at the iPhone's current speed of wireless charging, an iPad could take days to reach full juice.

iPhone MagSafe charger

MagSafe charging for iPhone isn't fast – will it really be suitable for iPad?  (Image credit: Apple)

While the design sounds intriguing, we still have reservations about the concept of an iPad with wireless charging. Do we need to buy an enormous new charging mat? If those rumours of a new 16-inch iPad turn out to be true, you might also need a new desk. And while faster charging sounds great, will it really be powerful enough to get an M1-powered tablet up to 100% in a decent amount of time? 

Of course, this being Apple, we'll be utterly unsurprised if the new tech means new (and expensive) accessories. Time will tell if the company will find an elegant solution for wireless tablet charging, but if, like us, you're content with USB-C, check out today's best iPad deals – and be sure to take a look at the best deals on the incredible 2021 M1 iPad Pro below.

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