This Apple iPad Air (2020) deal slashes £150 off price to all time low

The best Jan iPad Air deal
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If you're looking for a new iPad Air (2020), and you want the extra functionality of having a cellular and wi-fi model, this deal is for you. Right now you can get the 10.9-inch 64GB wi-fi and cellular model for just £556 - down from $700, saving you a substantial £150. 

And just to be clear, that's the wi-fi and cellular model, which means that you'll be able to get access to the internet wherever you're using the iPad Air. Don't want that cellular capability? The best deal that we can find isn't half as good as the one above, but you can still save £30 on the wi-fi only model, down from £579 to £549.  

To give you a bit of background to this model of the iPad Air, we think it's one of the best tablets out there, which is why we gave it five stars in our iPad Air (2020) review. It's got enough top-end features and power to satisfy many a creative.

We still can't find any money off the same model in the US, however if you are looking for a little more power, Amazon is currently offering $100 off the 2021, 12.9-inch iPad Pro, taking it down to £999


iPad Air (2020): £709 £556 at Amazon
Save £153
: In the UK, Amazon has started being the go to place for the best prices on the 2020 iPad Air. Right now you can save a very decent 22% on it.


iPad Pro (2021): $1,099 $999 at Amazon
Save $100:
This is a great saving on one of our favourite and the most powerful iPads on the market. This mid-2021 model comes complete with 512GB storage and 8GB RAM.

If neither of these models suit, don't miss our guide to iPad generations and the best iPad deals available now on a range of models.  

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