Did Apple just drop hints about the iPhone 15 design?

Apple logo and iPhone 15 concept
(Image credit: Apple/ConceptsiPhone/Future)

It's that time of year again. As usual, Apple has released details of its September iPhone release event two weeks in advance, with the 'Wonderlust' event taking place on September 12th. And just like every year, fans are poring over the invite design to look for clues about what might be in store.

As always, the invite is a playful variation of the Apple logo (one of the best logos of all time). This time, the logo features a decidedly sandy quality, with the animated version on the Apple homepage delightfully animated to show the glistening dust appearing to float. But rather than sand, fans suspect it might depict a particular type of metal.

Apple event invite

(Image credit: Apple)

Yep, frequent rumours have suggested the iPhone 15 Pro will be the first iPhone to feature a titanium body, offering a stronger and lighter design. And plenty of users have taken to Twitter (yeah, we're still calling it Twitter) to suggest the design represents titanium powder blowing in the wind.

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But it isn't just the material fans think Apple might be hinting at. Rumours about the colours we'll be offered in 2023 have been gathering pace over the last few weeks, with the latest controversial leak suggesting gold is on the way out. One shade that's clearly apparent in this new invite design is a cobalt blue – which tallies up with rumours we've heard that this year's generation-specific hue will indeed be blue. There's no hint of the rumoured crimson red here, though.

An iPhone 15 Pro render

Fan-made renders have depicted the iPhone 15 Pro with a titanium body (Image credit: Matt Talks Tech)

With only two weeks to go, we don't have long to wait to find out what's in store for the iPhone line up. But one thing's for sure, if even a handful of the iPhone 15 rumours we've heard over the last year turn out to be true, this could be an Ultra exciting year for Apple fans.

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