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Check out this super-rare iPhone with a misprinted Apple logo

Attention to detail is kind of Apple's thing. The company is known for its clean and simple product design, and you'll be hard-pressed to find anything out of place on either its hardware or software. Indeed, mistakes are so rare for Apple that an iPhone 11 with a slightly misaligned logo just sold for a ridiculous amount.

The defective model (below) features an Apple logo (one of our best logos ever) that's slightly off-centered to the right. It's hardly a world-shattering error, but in the context of Apple's reputation for perfect design, it's surprising that the device made it out into the wild.

iPhone with misaligned logo

The offending iPhone (Image credit: Internal Archive on Twitter)

According Internal Archive on Twitter (an account dedicated to "finding, sharing, and preserving Apple prototype information"), the error could be as rare as 1 in 100 million. The device allegedly sold for $2,700 – almost three times the original RRP of the 18 month old device. 

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It's certainly interesting to see an iPhone with a misprint – but is it $2.7k interesting? When you can bag one of the best camera phones for a third of that amount (and with a perfectly aligned logo), we're erring towards 'absolutely not'.

And there are also questions surrounding the authenticity of the images. "Apple would rather destroy this perfectly functional iPhone than allow it to be photographed and put online," one Redditor comments. "I call BS."

It isn't unusual for Apple rarities to fetch eye-watering sums. Got a spare $1.5M? Then why not bid for Apple's first ever computer? Alternatively, if you'd rather stick to three figures, check out today's best iPhone 12 deals below.

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