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New iPhones, new iPads, new iMacs, new iOS: Hello, Apple leaks

Creative Bloq week in review
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We see a lot of Apple leaks here at Creative Bloq. No brand's output is as feverishly followed as the small tech startup from Cupertino, and rumours range from the dull to the downright ridiculous (we're still waiting for those teeth-controlled AirPods to become a reality). And this week, we've seen it all.

Perhaps the most wild, outlandish, far out suggestion of the week is that the iMac will finally be getting a redesign this year. Yep – the iMac that hasn't changed in appearance since 2012. We'll believe it when we see it. Sadly, this week's rumours about the new 2021 iPads are a little less exciting.

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The iMac could be getting its first redesign for millennia (well, since 2012) (Image credit: Apple)

We also heard the first murmurs about the iPhone 14 – which, believe it or not, is set to be even better than the iPhone 13. And when it comes to software, we might just have been given our first glimpse of iOS 15. (Flat design is just so 2013.)

Sometimes, Apple leaks can like an Olympic sport. Speaking of which, have you seen the new Olympic logo? (Why yes, that was a lovely segue.)

Daniel Piper
News Editor

Daniel Piper

Daniel Piper is senior news editor at Creative Bloq, and an authority on all things art, design, branding and tech. He has a particular penchant for Apple products – some corners of the internet might call him an 'iSheep', but he's fine with this. It doesn't bother him at all. Why would it? They're just really nicely designed products, okay? Daniel is also a comedian and national poetry slam champion, and his favourite Bond is, obviously, Sean Connery.