Is this new Adobe tool bad news for graphic designers?

Adobe has previewed a new technology – or perhaps more accurately an evolution of a few technologies – last year with something it calls 'Sky Replace'. What it does is pretty much as its name implies: it largely automates the process of replacing the sky in a scenic photograph.

Yes, this does come off like a one-trick-pony, and the demos only show a simplistic application of a dark sky being replaced. The first question that came to mind was why is this a standalone product, rather than simply a new feature of Photoshop?

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Lance Evans

Lance Evans is creative director of Graphlink Media, a "boutique" creative marketing agency that specialises in building brands and has worked with such high-profile clients as Olive Garden, Miller Beer and AMEX. Lance has written for Creative Bloq on a wide range of topics, from technical photography tips to the ins and outs of branding.