Coca-Cola's new Christmas campaign is a refreshing twist on the festive season

Coca-Cola campaign
(Image credit: Jones Knowles Ritchie)

Coca-Cola has become somewhat synonymous with the festive period and it's not set to stop any time soon after the launch of its latest Christmas campaign. With the debut of a fresh global toolkit, the brand effortlessly blends classical Christmas imagery with bold modern design – a refreshing campaign with the spirit of the season at its core.

From playful bauble motifs to a bold new typeface, the brand's latest campaign is a stylish reimagining of classic Coca-Cola imagery with a seasonal twist. While the new campaign is fittingly merry and bright, Coca-Cola's iconic branding still features one of the best logos to date. 

Coca-Cola campaign

(Image credit: Jones Knowles Ritchie)

Designed by creative agency Jones Knowles Ritchie (JKR) in collaboration with Coca-Cola's in-house design team, the stylish campaign blends quintessential Christmas motifs with modern design to create a refreshed festive identity. Custom dynamic assets depict baubles embossed with the Coca-Cola logo nestled among spotted, striped and silhouetted Coke bottle decorations. The simplistic yet distinct design captures the essence of Coca-Cola's Christmas legacy while creating a multisensory explosion of Christmas joy.

Perhaps the most iconic emblem of the festive period, Santa receives a contemporary makeover, donning a new monochromatic look in green and red colourways – aligning with the brand's sleek new typeface. Created in collaboration with Brody Associates, the new typography takes notes from Coke's bespoke Sans Serif font used since 2017, to add an unexpected refresh that still honours the classic typeface. 

Coca–Cola Christmas campaign

(Image credit: Jones Knowles Ritchie)

Kristie Malivindi, JKR's Creative Director, told Creative Bloq that the project centred around capturing the timelessness of Coca-Cola's identity. "For a brand as iconic as Coca-Cola, it's no small feat to make something both new and familiar," she says. "The ad is the heart of the storytelling for the season, while the identity is the look and feel. Together, they create the world of Coca-Cola Christmas: a focused message and a distinctive design," she adds.

With the project being utilised on a global scale, it was an opportunity for JKR to embrace creativity across a multitude of touch points. "It's wild to see so many different interpretations of the identity appear all at once! I’m proud that so far, every single version I’ve seen has been joyfully, unmistakably our Coca-Cola Christmas," Malivindi says.

Coca-Cola campaign

(Image credit: Jones Knowles Ritchie)

These delightfully festive assets will be rolled out across multiple mediums – from packaging to digital platforms. Rapha Abreu, VP of Design at Coca-Cola told Creative Bloq "This platform centric design approach allows us to develop identities that can be embraced by teams around the globe." He adds that the "freedom and flexibility to play,” ensures that Coca-Cola's Christmas spirit is spread to a diverse audience of consumers.

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