Learn manga art secrets in the latest issue of ImagineFX - on sale now!

Pick up manga skills and take your art to the next level with issue 149 of ImagineFX magazine! Inside our latest issue we're here to teach you tricks of the trade you can put into practice immediately, because nothing feels better than taking your first step towards creating better art. Improving as an artist is a long journey, and we're here to help you get started.

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On top of talking to James Ghio about his rendering method for creating colourful manga art, we also look at the rise of diversity in the comics industry and share how to create engaging art in oils in gouache. It promises to be an exciting issue, so be sure you don't miss it!

Explore the issue's main features below.

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Sketchbook: Genzoman

Fantasy figures and pop culture icons can be found on Genzoman's sketchbook

Sketchbooks are a rare opportunity to see an artist's creativity given free reign to explore and experiment. That's exactly the case in this issue's Sketchbook feature, as we look at the mythical creations of self-taught illustrator Genzoman.

Create a comic page in Clip Studio Paint

Start your comic-making journey with these tips

Have you always wanted to make your own comic but not had the faintest idea of where to start? Comic book artist Neil Edwards is here to show you how it's done with a guide that walks you through how he creates initial thumbnails to the finished product.

Concept a geisha girl

Polish up your concept art skills with this inspirational workshop

Inspiration can strike at any time. For concept artist Gennaro Grazioso, a Facebook competition gave him the creative spark that resulted in this geisha girl image. Learn how you can apply his design approach to your own concept art with this tutorial.

Interview with artist Guweiz

Don't get too envious when you read Zheng Wei Gu's amazing life story

Prepare to feel very, very jealous as we talk to Zheng Wei Gu. In just four years the 21 year old has gone from a hobbyist scribbling away in his bedroom to working for the live-action Ghost in the Shell remake. Read how he got started and how he balances his life as a full time artist.

Painting skills in gouache

This piece was inspired by a boating trip

Gouache can be a finicky medium to work with for a lot of artists. In this workshop, Laura Bifano shows you how to master it with the right brushes and a whole lot of masking tape.